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There once was a place called Rhodesia where scientific research was being done on plagues like Bilharzia, Sleeping Sickness Malaria, Ebola, and Marburg Virus among others. The world judged Rhodesia to be too racist and evil to be allowed to exist as a political entity, so the country was handed over to Mugabe, at the very time people in Rhodesia were trying to sort out their own problems. 

" So who has got away with murder? Not, of course, the British government. They merely covered up, as one does, the offensive corpses. Though not literally. That was done by person or persons unknown. So who has committed murder? Not, of course, the highly respectable firm of KDH Pharmaceutical, which has enjoyed record profits this quarter, and has now licensed ZimbaMed of Harare, to continue testing Dypraxa in Africa. No, there are no murders in Africa. Only regrettable deaths. And from those deaths we derive the benefits of civilization, benefits we can afford so easily... because those lives were bought so cheaply."  From The Constant Gardener by John le Carre.…

When I was a student at the University College Of Rhodesia I was shown and little hand build laborotary rigbult byan M.Philstudent onwhich he could tether a fly,which would then fly around in a circle. He used an accurately pulsed strobe light to determine the wing beat frequency, excercised the flies for set periods of time, and then minced up and analysed the flight muscle tissueusing cutting edge biochemistry laboratory techinques and equiment. Why? What was worth all that fiddly scientific work, apart from the resulting University Degree certificate? The answer is that he worked under Professor Bursell, all of us biologists did. It was Professor Bursell he instructed me to test extracts from some very small samples a botanist had extracted from Salvinia auriculata or Kariba weed, thought to be an invasive pest at that time. Professor Bursell was inolved because the tests had to be done on exposed locust hearts. He insisted that all test subjects, even insects, had to be anaesthetised prior to dissection. In the event both extracts turned out to be heart stopping toxins, but the Kariba weed situation began to stabilise witout intervention after Dr. Mirchell had spent nine years on it for his dissertation. So why was the good Professor so interested in fly flight metabolism? Because it was the Tse Tse fly he was studying. He had shelved his ambition to learn more about how consciousness is produced in order to become the world's leading expert on the dreaded Sleeping Sickness vector. The northern part of Zimbabwe near Lake Kariba is in the 'Tse Tse belt'.

Eventually, Professor Bursell appeared on UK TV in a documentary about field tests that he and his students had been doing in the 'Tse Tse belt'


Posts as aegiandyad on NotTheTalk, the successor to Guardian Unlimited Talk
United Kingdom
We are passionate artists and art lovers with wide ranging tastes and interests. Our long range project is the creation of 'aegian' as an aesthetic hermaphrodite, trying to express the many facets of their being.

While his better half prefers to remain mysterious until she has decided how to start our journal, Mr A admits to having a London degree in Botany & Zoology and owning a succession of film and digital cameras. I am the man behind the lens, so there may not be many images of me submitted. We love beauty and I search for it amongst the mundane backgrounds of everyday reality as well as at fabulous gardens like the ones seen in some gallery pictures.

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