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AS long as a least one dA member is trying to keep up with my novel in progress, The Mind Games, then it or they must continue. I [Mr a*] am a dA member and I'm interested to see how hard this is going to be and how it comes out in the 'end' which might not yet be the end. The best SF novels survive their initial incarnation so well and prove so popular, at least with their authors, that they spawn a sequel. The superior ones become a trilogy and the best of those, as well as a few of the very worst, become 'franchises', or continuing works with new 'prequels', sequels and even alas, less-than-equals, often written by friends and even descendents of the originator [cf Frank Herbert's DUNE 'trilogy' which began here… and is as complete example of the evolution of a franchise as one could wish to find anywhere… having burgeoned into a 19 book series with its own encyclopaedia!].

Those who think Frank Herbert and his successors went too far should admire the indefatigable E.C. Tubb and his creation, Earl Dumarest, hero of this little lot… .Those who think no one has yet gone far enough should admire the seminal work of Robert Sheckley, once science fiction's premier gadfly. In particular I'd like to choose his non SF novel, The Game Of X… . Why am I advertising this moth eaten pulp fiction?

It's because these are just some of the clues that might or might not help readers to understand where The Mind Games is coming from. The final clue, the real heart of the mystery, is the problem the author set the computer in 'For A Breath, I Tarry.' by Roger Zelazny… . Now you have it all.

Is 'ENO' or Martin Ronald Carter really who everyone else in the book seems to be saying he is? If he is, why does he feel so convincingly human in such unconvincing surroundings? Is he, or was he ever an ex-spy working for an organisation so secret even the secret services of the world didn't know about it? Machine or not, spy or not, when his readers left him several weeks ago he had just done something either stupid, crazy, very clever or even all three! One or two people might even be waiting with bated breath to see which. I would be one of them.... except that I know what happens next. I'm writing Part Caveman Two Score even as you read this. The ride 'up' has already started. To put you in the mood, get you ready, or even give you a flavour of what is about to happen, I'm giving you a rare chance to listen to 'Waiting For The Electrician, Or Someone Like Him' by The Fire Sign Theater  .

You are now in possession of nearly all the essential clues. Please comment below stating exactly what it is YOU think might be going on and what, if anythng, should, could, might or even dould* happen next.

* New word 'dould' = 'would have if it did'


Croydon's Twin Towers Seen From Park Hill by aegiandyad
Croydon's Twin Towers Seen From Park Hill
Epic fantasy by George R. R. Talkin in which the Towers are destroyed when Dragon Riders from Pern deliberately crash into them whiles breathing fire, or something equally insane. Not that I want that to happen to any of Croydon's magnificent if largely futile post modernist palaces for the non claustrophobic, well heeled tenant who doesn't suffer from vertigo... or anything else that might adversely affect his ability to endure living in any of them.... like having good taste in architecture, for instance.

This is one of my symmetrical cross eye viewable stereo pairs, as if you hadn't already gone cross eyed trying to see it properly.


Writes as 'aegian' in FT online
United Kingdom
We are passionate artists and art lovers with wide ranging tastes and interests. Our long range project is the creation of 'aegian' as an aesthetic hermaphrodite, trying to express the many facets of their being. It has since emerged that we are a couple with four grown up children each of whom has contributed to this joint enterprise

While his better half prefers to remain mysterious and spends most of her time writing our journal entries, Mr A admits to having a London degree in Botany & Zoology and owning a succession of film and digital cameras. I am the man behind the lens, so there may not be many images of me submitted. We love beauty and I search for it amongst the mundane backgrounds of everyday reality as well as at fabulous gardens like the ones seen in some gallery pictures. We correspond with the Guardian as well as the Financial Times.

There will be no puckish, looped video 'web cam'; no 'fake' ID. If you want to see picture's, then this
The Revented Intagliated Sichultian Lededje Y'breq by aegiandyad is Mrs a* and this Another Green Man Self Portrait by aegiandyad is me, or was it this one Self Portrait As 'Green Man' by aegiandyad /

NO, it's this one An Aegiandyad Dogwood Dryad by aegiandyad .

Official DAA Supporter stamp by Dark-Arts-Asylum


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