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What is graphene? It's a third carbon allotrope consisting of a planar macromolecule in which the carbon atoms are bonded in an array of hexagons each with alternate single and double bonds, like benzene rings merged together into one large 'surface' barely a single atom thick. In plan it looks like the walls of a honey comb with all of its chamber walls seen edge on. At every point where three of these walls or 'bond lines' meet there is a carbon atom.

Graphite, the carbon black allotrope, is like this, but the planar sheets of atoms are cross bonded weakly into solid graphite crystals which 'flake' very easily. Diamond is a solid crystal of carbon atoms held together in a compact three dimensional array by single bonds. Under compression it is much harder than anything else except Borazon [Boron nitride]. Graphene conducts heat and electricity and light very well, among several other revolutionary advances.

It was discovered recently that by serially teasing flakes of graphite apart, the thickness could be reduced to a single atom. In this state the compound is no longer graphite. It is the new allotrope graphene, as described above. It combines some of the strength, conductivity and transparency of  diamond, along with the cheapness and availability of coal. If it could be produced in macroscopic [large enough to see] sheets the possibilities are endless.

It is a planar, conductive macromolecule. Silicon is a solid macromolecule which we can slice into very thin sheets and 'print' or 'etch' circuits into. Our so called 'solid state' computery is based on using the surfaces of specially prepared silicon wafers. The circuitry extends only slightly into the third dimension. Our computers are made out of two dimensional arrays of parts. To increase the surface area one could connect them edge to edge like the 'Transputer'…

Different connection schemes have been envisaged, such as the Connection Machine… the inventors of which had hired Richard Feynman to solve the 'router problem'. (This link includes amusing details of Feynman's practical brilliance and is worth reading for the laughs usually connected with whatever he does.)

Feynman was asked to solve the router problem and did so by connecting each core device to twenty others in what he thought of as a twenty dimensional hyper-cube.In short - graphene will help us produce the next stage of ultra compact computing devices with the added possibility that such planes could be stacked into truly solid arrays connected by carbon nano-tubules.

A great deal more could be written about the future of graphene but suffice it to say we could see a supercomputer crammed into a shoebox. A very powerful machine could be fitted into a match box.


Ragnarock by aegiandyad
Derived entirely by photo manipulation and filtering of Ragnar949's Daydream Daydream by Ragnar949 which is even more beautiful than mine, but I've been given permission to play with it and this is the result.


Writes as 'aegian' in FT online
United Kingdom
We are passionate artists and art lovers with wide ranging tastes and interests. Our long range project is the creation of 'aegian' as an aesthetic hermaphrodite, trying to express the many facets of their being. It has since emerged that we are a couple with four grown up children each of whom has contributed to this joint enterprise

While his better half prefers to remain mysterious and spends most of her time writing our journal entries, Mr A admits to having a London degree in Botany & Zoology and owning a succession of film and digital cameras. I am the man behind the lens, so there may not be many images of me submitted. We love beauty and I search for it amongst the mundane backgrounds of everyday reality as well as at fabulous gardens like the ones seen in some gallery pictures. We correspond with the Guardian as well as the Financial Times.

There will be no puckish, looped video 'web cam'; no 'fake' ID. If you want to see picture's, then this
The Revented Intagliated Sichultian Lededje Y'breq by aegiandyad is Mrs a* and this Another Green Man Self Portrait by aegiandyad is me, or was it this one Self Portrait As 'Green Man' by aegiandyad /

NO, it's this one An Aegiandyad Dogwood Dryad by aegiandyad .

Official DAA Supporter stamp by Dark-Arts-Asylum


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